Llobet Collaboratorium is a workspace for projects with focus on craftmanship, heritage and sustainable future. We believe that art and culture has a huge role on the act on climate change. We strive to work in a circular way in all the things that we do -from the pieces of art that Oliver Llobet is creating to the projects and collaborations that we choose to participate in. 

If you are interested in bigger pieces or customized orders please contact us and we will set up a meeting.  

Oliver Llobet 

I am an artist and designer. My conception of life is committed to ecology and straddling pragmatism. My pieces are everyone unique, and made by material that has already serverd a purpose. The pieces move in a balance between art and functionality, between contemporary creation and the reuse of rural heritage.  

Anna Rydberg 

In my daily life I am involved in a lot of different things. @llobecollaboratorium I am responsible for project management and business administration. I believe and work for a sustainable and thriving country side 🌱Further on I am a Environmental science student at Mid University Sweden.


Our Partners

We are Open for Climate Dialogue™! 

In order to curb climate change and make our societies more sustainable, we need to connect everyone and use all resources possible. That is why we are inviting everyone to join us in a Climate Dialogue. Visit our Climate Dialogue page and review us. Because together we are the solution to the climate crisis!